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“Persistence of Vision”

A near-future novelette about the intersection of technology and capitalism and the power corporations have to shape our society—but more fundamentally, a story about making choices and living with uncertainty.

“Persistence of Vision” received an honourable mention from Writers of the Future in 2020 and it was published in the Surge cyberpunk anthology from Dragon Soul Press in 2022.

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A short story about some of the things that we do to keep each other safe, and the rules that we make and break in the process.

“Passepartout” won first prize in the 2021 Bedford International Writing Competition and it was published in the anthology of winning and shortlisted works from Ostrich Books in 2022. All proceeds from the anthology are donated to educational charities in the UK.

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“Gerard the Goblin”

A short story for children about a goblin who loves to dig.

“Gerard the Goblin” was written by me and illustrated by my nine-year-old daughter. It is not available for purchase, but you can read it here for free!

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In 2019, I participated in National Novel Generation Month, which challenges programmers to write code that that writes a 50,000 word novel. My entry generates a Spellbook with a short frame story.

Some sample output:

200 Word RPG

In 2017, I participated in the 200 Word RPG Challenge, which tasks designers to create a role-playing game using 200 words or fewer. I submitted a collaborative storytelling game called Captain's Table.